jueves, 31 de agosto de 2017

Italy, a wish

If I had to choose a country to visit, I would prefer Italy. Since I was little, I've always been impressed by the Roman Coliseum. Centuries, centuries and centuries have passed and the Roman Coliseum is still there, majestic. Despite the damage suffered, for me it is beautiful and perfect. And very often I wonder: How could they build this? Also, I think I like Italy for some movies I've seen. It's like a perfect country for romance. Couples are always happy in Italy. Oh, and never miss a motorcycle ride around town.

Of course, if I travel to Italy I would like to see a football match. What football lover has not dreamed of going to San Siro? In that stadium play AC Milan and Internazionale, two of the biggest clubs of Italy, Europe and the whole world. Although currently not going through a good sporting moment, it would be a privilege to see a classic between them. And who knows? Maybe a player gives me a shirt that I can boast here in Chile. 

viernes, 20 de noviembre de 2015

Radiohead .-

Hi! Today I am going to talk about Radiohead, a band from England. Really I don’t know too much about this band but I choose Radiohead because two of my friends are fans of it.

My friends are Joaquín and Rubén. We used to play “Cultura chupística”, a game with shots and alcohol. They always ask about Radiohead:  “songs of Radiohead”, “songs of second disc of Radiohead”, and on and on… Obviously I always lost.

For this, I started to study about Radiohead, then I knew their songs and I liked it. In fact, now I have a lot of songs of them in my cell phone.

I like the melodies of their songs more than the lyrics, because I don’t understand much. Except with the lyrics of “Creep” (a classic of the Radiohead) because Joaquín translated this song for me.

Joaquín is a real fan of Radiohead, he has the original discs of the band. Even, Joaquín wishes that Gagging Order” be play on his funeral, other song of Radiohead.

Well, definitely I know very much that before but I continue losing, they know too much about Radiohead.

viernes, 13 de noviembre de 2015

Sami & Mateo

Hi all, today I am going to talk about my pets: Sami, my dog, and Mateo, my rabbit.

Sami is with me since 2006, I were very little. He is very faithful, he always is with me, in fact sometimes I talk him and he listens to me.

My dog is afraid of water and cats. Yes, cats… That is rare! He is half Pastor Aleman and half “quiltro” (no race). But that doesn’t matter because he like me and I like him, and this is important.

Mateo is my pet since this year. He is a rabbit very naughty, he eats a lot and… he defecates much!! He never stops, as if he had made easter eggs for all.

viernes, 30 de octubre de 2015

Our photograph:)

Hi! Really I don’t have a favorite photograph, but there's one photo I like so much. In fact, this picture is in my desk, in a portrait.

The photograph that I choose is from Andrea’s birthday, she was turning nineteen years old.

I don´t remember at the person took the picture, but I think it was Tito.

Besides, this day was the first time when I went into a costume party. Also it was the first Andrea's birthday that I spend with her.

Andrea was dressed of little red riding hood, and she looked very pretty.

I was dressed of Edward Scissorhands, and I believe that I seemed a mime or a waiter.

The birthday was on Constanza’s house, the October 31th of the past year. The birthday was very fun, and it came a lot of people.

Concerning photograph, tomorrow is Andrea’s birthday. I hope that she have fun because this is the most important.

viernes, 16 de octubre de 2015

Seven pounds !

My favorite movie is Seven Pounds!! I watched it hundreds of times. I like it a lot because it’s very tender. Besides I think that the movie inspires me.

The film it’s about Tim Thomas (Will Smith), a man that had an accident in his car. And in the crash seven persons get killed, including his wife. For this, Tim decided to give seven of his organs at seven different persons.

Tim simulates to be an employee of Internal Revenue Service, and on this way he meet with Emily Posa (she has heart issues).

Then, Tim and Emily start dating and ending they fall in love♥♥♥♥

But the Emily’s heart issues complicate the things, because she starts to getting worst… and she don’t get a new heart :’(((

During the story, Tim gives a lung, part of liver, a kidney, until his house on the beach!

Ending, Tim don't know if he has to give his heart for Emily, or keep it waiting a dornor... 
To see the end, click here!!

Play Station:)

Hello! Today I am going to talk about my favorite technology object: the Play Station.

I have a PS since the year 2001, it was the Play Station One. Remember games like Crush Bandicoot, Crush Team Racing and all my Winning Eleven, that were about football.

I played Winning Eleven with my dad, but he was very bad, in fact he sometimes fell asleep and I won easily. Later my brother grew up, and I could play with him.

I don’t remember what year, but my parents gave us the Play Station Two. This was great! My brother and me played and play all time. I think that never we will bore. Sometimes we should study but we prefer play Pro Evolution Soccer, our favorite game.

viernes, 2 de octubre de 2015

Expectations 4 a new semester!

For this new semester, I expect that all finish very well. Actually, in my journalism degree I’ve six subjects, and I would like pass all of them. From the six subjects, the most difficult, for me, is English III, because I feel that I don’t know and I don’t understand a lot this language.

Besides, in this semester I like find a new job because I expect travel on the holidays. And about my hobbies, I like play soccer, in the team from my degree, because the soccer is my favorite sport.

Finally, I wish can complete all my expectations in this semester, wish me luck!